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About Us or About Green October Event

About Us or About Green October Event Cover Logo‘‘Green October’’ is a La Mode Magazine initiative. It is an annual project to appreciate, show love and raise funds for people living with disabilities. It’s a platform where funds are raised to support a particular cause of disabilities. The first ever 2015 edition, was focused on Down syndrome. The second edition in 2016 was on Autism and the third edition in 2017 is focused on Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Fund Raising.

Green October event is an avenue where philanthropic and humanitarian gestures are given an annual prestigious award. These are people that have contributed significantly to humanity in their various fields of endeavors without prejudice on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity. The annual event is also a platform to showcase African fashion and designs.

At the event, fashion awards are also given to deserving Nigerians. The event promotes made in Nigeria fashion through the fashion show and exhibition.

– Sandra Odige

CEO/Publisher La Mode Magazine Founder of Green October Event.

Green October Event’ website is built and hosted by PwayHosting in 2017 as their own contribution to the vision and you can also be part of the vision by visiting our contact us page to Click HERE.

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